We provide comprehensive encapsulation solutions for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications

Index is an American manufacturer of capsule filling machines and provides exceptional customer service and comprehensive support that includes spare parts, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, and training. Our product line features both new and re-manufactured capsule fillers along with capsule polishers, auxiliary equipment, and toolkits.

Experience the Elite in Capsule Filling

For over 30 years, Index has built a legacy in the encapsulation sector. We are proud to be the preferred capsule filling machine business in the United States, and it is our pleasure to work with a variety of established pharmaceutical and nutraceutical providers.

Enhance Production Efficiency with Index's Comprehensive Services

To optimize your production operations, Index provides a full range of services. From spare parts and machine building to on-site training and field service, we aim to make sure that your machine operates at peak performance. You can trust us to support every aspect of the encapsulation process.

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Customer-Oriented Value

Our mission is to provide solutions for mass encapsulation manufacturers. Whether for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, or any other applications, Index is here to support you in your operations.