Index provides high-quality, precision-engineered replacement parts for various capsule filling machines. Our range includes parts and toolings for different models, so your operations always run smoothly and efficiently without interruption.

16 Count Parts and Tooling

  • 5 Index K120i, Index K150i

  • DMW 2000

12 Count Parts and Tooling

  • Index K90i, Index 1500

  • Bosch 1500, DMW 1500, AWB 1500

Pellet Feeder Parts and Tooling

  • Pneumatic Driven

  • Before and After Powder Station

  • 12CT or 16CT

Coated Tooling

  • Eliminates sticking

  • Increased surface hardness

  • FDA Compliant

  • Will not chip, peel or flake

  • Tooling is custom manufactured to allow for the thickness of the coatings

“Index’s Coated Segments performed beyond our expectations. I was not very optimistic about getting this powder to work. Non-coated Segments “gummed up” after a few thousand capsules. Segments that we had coated from another company made the sticking worse. The Index Coated Segments enabled us to run in excess of a quarter of a million capsules without any issues. Without the Index Coated Segments, the project would have been canceled.”

Other Parts and Tooling: 3CT, 5CT, 18CT

  • Bosch GKF 330/400, GKF 700, GKF 2000

  • Tooling Sets and Dosing Discs

  • Common Spare Parts

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