At Index, our commitment to operational excellence is reflected in our personalized on-site field services. We want to ensure that your capsule filling processes run smoothly by offering our assistance, so you’ll have efficiency and reliability in every operation. This emphasizes our priority of developing a partnership with each client so that they achieve continuous operational success.


Installation Sets the Stage for Success

Starting on the right foot is vital for long-term efficiency and reliability in your production. Ensure your operations begin correctly with Index’s professional installation services for capsule fillers. Our capsule filler installation services are meant to facilitate an uninterrupted manufacturing flow, with our technicians ensuring each machine aligns with your objectives. We manage all aspects from setup to calibration, promoting an efficient start.

Specialized Maintenance Reduces Interruption and Enhances Efficiency

We believe that minimizing your operational disruptions should be at the forefront. Our seasoned technicians bring extensive experience in both the electrical and mechanical settings of capsule fillers, so we can quickly address and correct various issues. We can handle both small fixes and extensive repairs with urgency and precision, ensuring your production’s swift continuation.

Comprehensive Field Support Keeps Operation Going

Consistent upkeep is essential for maintaining the performance and longevity of capsule filling machines. Index’s general field service ensures your capsule fillers remain in peak condition through regular checks, evaluations, and necessary updates, such as lubrication and part replacements. This preventative strategy is crucial for averting possible problems and maintaining uninterrupted production.

Bolster Your Production With Training and Support

Our services extend beyond field work to include comprehensive staff education and support. By equipping your team with essential knowledge and skills, we enhance their ability to efficiently manage and troubleshoot our equipment, leading to improved operational productivity.


Ready to equip your team with the skills and knowledge they need? 

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