Successful operation is key when it comes to manufacturing with capsules, and an outdated control system can significantly affect your machine’s performance and quality of output. Index’s Control System Upgrades will boost your production by incorporating state-of-the-art enhancements to your capsule filling machine.​

Customized Control Upgrades to Heighten Your Production

To meet the diverse needs of manufacturers, Index’s customized control system upgrades integrates the latest technologies into your existing capsule filler, extending its working life and improving its functionality. The ultimate driving force behind our system control upgrades is to enhance the efficiency and accuracy in your capsule filling while reducing downtime.

Our Expertise Streamlines Every Aspect of Your Upgrade

Sending your capsule filler to Index for an upgrade is an efficient process designed for minimal disruption. Upon arrival, each machine undergoes a thorough evaluation before the installation of the new control system. From hardware installation to software programming, Index promises to executed each task with precision. Following the upgrade, comprehensive testing is conducted to guarantee that the machine operates at peak performance.

Comprehensive Solutions and Assistance from the Experts at Index

For manufacturers looking to enhance their capsule filling operations, Index’s Control Systems Upgrade service represents a strategic investment in the future. By choosing to upgrade, you’re not just updating equipment; you’re ensuring that your manufacturing processes meet the highest standards of efficiency and quality.

Looking to Put a Boost In Your Production?

Contact Index today to learn more about our control system upgrades for capsule fillers.