Training in Classroom Environment
Index offers specialized training to give your operators comprehensive knowledge and practical skills for managing our capsule filling machines effectively.
  • Learn with Seasoned Instructors: Classes are instructed by experts with significant field experience.
  • Utilize Resourceful Handouts: Participants receive detailed guides for immediate and later use.
  • Experience Hands-on Sessions: Focuses on active involvement in mastering capsule filling operations.
Learning Reinforced by Practice
The training includes hands-on practice with Index capsule filling machines as well as learning in a classroom setting. Participants will also receive a certificate upon completion.
  • Enhance Your Skills: Under expert supervision, attendees learn skills for operational and maintenance, building the necessary confidence and abilities for effective machine management.
  • Practice Operating Capsule Fillers: Trainees actively engage with capsule filling machines, gaining essential hands-on experience to comprehend the devices’ mechanics and operation intricacies.
Accommodations for Larger Teams
Although our standard training sessions are made for 6 to 8 attendees for optimal results, we are able to meet the varying needs of different teams by offering flexible arrangements for larger groups at an additional cost.
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