Index Cyclone Dust Separator

Using vortex separation technology, the Index Cyclone Dust Separator is an innovative solution for capsule filling machines. This machine effectively separates bigger particles in powder through its stainless steel framework and directs the excess particles into an additional unit for future disposal or reuse. Index's Cyclone Dust Separator decreases powder waste, improves cleanliness in operation, and lower maintenance demands, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective manufacturing process.


The Index Cyclone Dust Separator was specially engineered to increase production in your capsule filling. More than a dust collector, this piece of equipment captures up to 99% of waste powder before it contaminates the central extraction system, protecting the integrity of your production environment and increasing your machine’s lifespan. If needed, Index can also provide a separate third party dust collection unit.

Main Benefits

  • Enhanced Manufacturing Efficiency: The main purpose of the Index Cyclone Dust Separator is to make production processes run more smoothly.

  • Robust Stainless Steel Construction: The GMP-compliant stainless steel used in the Cyclone Dust Separator’s construction ensures compliance and longevity.

  • Simplified Maintenance Approach: Index’s Cyclone Dust Separator is quick and easy to disassemble for maintenance and cleaning.

  • Seamless Machinery Integration: The Cyclone Dust Separator is easily integrated into any capsule filling production line.

  • Improved Workplace Safety: By minimizing airborne dust and manual cleaning, the Index Cyclone Dust Separator improves workplace safety and ergonomics.

Index’s Cyclone Dust Separator represents a comprehensive approach to dust management in the capsule filling manufacturing process. Regardless of your production goals, whether it is optimizing operations or setting new standards for safety, the Cyclone Dust Separator is a worthy investment for your capsule filling.

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