Index I-180-ECE-8 Capsule Polisher

Complete your production line with Index's state-of-the-art Capsule Polishers. Built for efficiency and reliability, these machines meet the needs of high-volume capsule filling. Index's range of polishers ensures your capsules have a flawless finish to enhance product appeal and customer satisfaction.


The I-180-8-ECE Capsule Polisher stands as the perfect choice for manufacturers aiming to enhance the visual quality of their capsules without compromising on efficiency or speed. This addition by Index can seamlessly fit into existing production lines, improving manufacturing processes and leading to superior final products.

Engineered for consistent and reliable performance, the I-180-8-ECE is capable of polishing a significant quantity of capsules per hour, making it an exceptional tool for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of capsules. Its construction focuses on gentle treatment to maintain capsule integrity and ensure a lustrous finish.

Equipped with advanced vacuum pump technology, the I-180-8-ECE excels in removing debris, delivering capsules that are not only polished but also clean and ready for the next phase of packaging. Furthermore, its sophisticated capsule separation technology filters out capsules that do not meet quality standards, allowing only those qualified for polishing.

Index’s commitment to user-friendly operation is evident through with the I-180-8-ECE. Its straightforward controls and intuitive interface, coupled with the capability to adapt to various capsule sizes and types, minimize operational downtime and foster enhanced productivity.

Index’s capsule polishers unlock the full potential of your production line. With manufacturing and distribution rooted in the USA, Index guarantees readily available support for both installation and ongoing maintenance, emphasizing our commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

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