Index I-200-ECE Capsule Polisher

Complete your production line with Index's state-of-the-art Capsule Polishers. Built for efficiency and reliability, these machines meet the needs of high-volume capsule filling. Index's range of polishers ensures your capsules have a flawless finish to enhance product appeal and customer satisfaction.


The I-200-ECE Capsule Polisher is the ideal solution for manufacturers looking to improve the aesthetic quality of their capsules without sacrificing speed or efficiency. Index’s capsule polishers can be easily integrated into your production line, optimizing your manufacturing and contributing towards a high-quality finished product.

The I-200-ECE Capsule Polisher is designed for organizations requiring dependable performance and can polish up to 300,000 capsules in a single hour. For manufacturers that want to increase the visual appeal of their capsules without affecting manufacturing efficiency or speed, the I-200-ECE is ideal. The polisher’s design prioritizes gentle handling to preserve the integrity of the capsule and guarantee a glossy finish.

This capsule polisher features modern vacuum pump technology for effective debris removal, so capsules are always clean, polished, and ready for packaging. In addition to this, the polisher’s reliable capsule separation technology also ensures that only the capsules that reach the quality criteria can proceed to the polishing stage.<

Ease of use and versatility are at the forefront when it comes to Index’s capsule polishers. With its easy controls and user-friendly interfaces, as well as their ability to handle a variety of capsule types and sizes, the I-200-ECE can help reduce downtime while encouraging higher production.

With Index’s capsule polishers, your production line’s full potential can be unlocked. Manufactured and distributed in the USA, support for installation and maintenance is always accessible thanks to Index’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

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