Index K120i Capsule Filler

Created with meeting the high demands of modern pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing, the Index K120i Capsule Filler will elevate your production capabilities. Through the combination of state-of-the-art technology with user-centric design, this piece of equipment is able to provide manufacturers unparalleled performance.


The K120i from Index has been constructed to deliver unmatched efficiency, precision, and user convenience, ensuring your production line operates at peak performance.

The K120i is flexible in that it can also operate with a range of capsule types, including sizes 00 to 5 with various fill materials. All that is needed is a quick and simple tooling changeover, and the K120i is ready to fill a different capsule size. Its design is also appropriate for various production environments, ensuring high performance regardless of your specific production requirements.

The K120i is designed to meet high-output needs while consuming the least amount of energy and space. Its typical compressed air and vacuum supply needs complement its small size and economical power consumption. At 4500 lbs net weight and 5000 lbs gross weight, the machine is sturdy and well-engineered for maximum efficiency.

Created and manufactured with pride in the US, the K120i shows Index’s dedication to excellence and innovation. Our advanced design and manufacturing facilities ensures that every K120i satisfies the most exacting quality control requirements.

Main Benefits

  • High Speed and Efficiency: The K120i has a capacity to handle up to 120,000 capsules per hour.

  • Consistent Capsule Separation: Equipped with cutting-edge vacuum pump technology, the K120i delivers unparalleled accuracy in capsule separation.

  • Guaranteed Filling Precision: Using cutting-edge technology, the K120i’s Dosing Discs and Tamping Pins ensure precision in filling.

  • Intuitive User Control: Designed for ease of use, the K120i allows operators of varying experience to manage parameters and output.

Because of its speed, accuracy, and flexibility, the Index K120i Capsule Filler is a lucrative investment for any pharmaceutical or nutraceutical business trying to increase output without sacrificing quality. Along with Index’s renowned customer support and service, the K120i is an invaluable asset to your manufacturing operations, offering not just performance but also peace of mind. Decide on the K120i for the most cutting-edge design and unmatched efficiency in capsule filling technology.

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