Index Vacuum Capsule Loader

Index's Vacuum Capsule Loader can optimize your capsule production. With a maximum speed of 7,000 empty capsules per minute, this machine removes the need for manual scooping and distributes a continual supply into your capsule filler. It can support hard capsules of any size and includes a moveable four-caster design for easy repositioning. Increase your production efficiency and maintain high-speed capsule filling with the Index Vacuum Capsule Loader.


The Index Vacuum Capsule Loader can enhance the efficiency and quality of your capsule filling production. This piece of equipment can distribute up to 7,000 capsules straight into your capsule filling machine in one minute. With the Index Vacuum Capsule Loader, loading empty capsules by hand is no longer needed, helping in streamlining the manufacturing process.

Main Benefits

  • High-Efficiency Loading: Empty capsules are consistently supplied to the capsule filling machine by Index’s Vacuum Capsule Loader, reducing downtime and boosting productivity.

  • Universal Capsule Compatibility: This loader can handle hard capsules of any size, from 00 to 5, providing flexibility and eliminating the need for separate loaders for different capsule sizes.

  • Hands-Free Operation: With no hand scooping and feeding, the Index Vacuum Capsule Loader not only enhances efficiency but also lowers the risk of contamination, resulting in a safer finished product.

  • Mobility and Flexibility: The four-caster design of the Index Vacuum Capsule Loader allows you freedom in placing and integrating the machine into your capsule filling production line.

The Index Vacuum Capsule Loader can help optimize your capsule production line, whether you want to boost output, enhance product safety, or simplify the manufacturing process. With this machine, you can achieve a productive, hygienic, and efficient production environment.

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