Index Vacuum Powder Loader

The Index Vacuum Powder Loader is your solution for safe and efficient powder feeding in your capsule filling machine. With the ability to pace with high-output systems, this machine can move up to 600 kg of powder per hour to your capsule filling machine's hopper, so no manual handling is required. This loader helps ensure operator safety while reducing fatigue from hand-feeding the hopper from an elevated position. The Index Vacuum Powder Loader also integrates with any capsule filling production line, streamlining your manufacturing.


The Index Vacuum Powder Loader has streamlined powder loading into capsule filling machines for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing. With a capacity to move up to 600 kg of powder per hour, the powder loader system is engineered to transport powder seamlessly from ground-level bulk containers directly to the capsule filling machine’s hopper.

Main Benefits

  • Enhanced Safety and Efficiency: Index’s Vacuum Powder Loader can reduce common workplace hazards by automatically feeding powder into the machine, mitigating risk to operator harm or damaging the machine. Safety is not only improved, but operator fatigue is also minimized.

  • Ease of Maintenance and Operation: Engineered with practicality in mind, the Index Vacuum Powder Loader has a tri-clamp design allowing for toolless disassembly, resulting in simplifying the cleaning and maintenance process.

  • Intelligent Powder Management: With its powder level sensors, Index’s Vacuum Powder Loader prevents the capsule filling machine from ever running dry, allowing for uninterrupted operation and production.

  • Simple Integration: The Index Vacuum Powder Loader is adaptable and easy to incorporate into a range of capsule filling production lines.

By offering a blend of safety, efficiency, and convenience, the Index Vacuum Powder Loader meets the needs of modern capsule filling manufacturing. Achieve a higher level of productivity and safety by integrating this essential piece of equipment into your facility and improve your capsule filling.

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